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We are constantly striving to develop audiences and alternate

To meet this objective, we are constantly striving to develop audiences and alternate viewing spaces for the filmmaking and film viewing community. When asked about the curation process behind the films, Karan lists the criteria.” For instance, the studio picked up Gaman, which is the ’70s New Wave film starring Farooq Shaikh and Smita Patil. The space, they thought, does justice to the films since we provide an alternate setting than a PVR,” she says. At Harkat Studios, Bungalow No. “These are also some of the most iconic films of all times, and in so way, they are an intense reflection of the lives we live in,” explains Michaela. “We took two similar films but with a different filmmaking process.The film festival will start from July 15, 7 pm onwards.”What emboldens the survival of alternate spaces in the city is participation of the community. And then, we picked up films whose writers or directors were available for a chat with the audiences,” he clarifies.The idea of the film festival was to juxtapose old classics with today’s scene, says Anupama Bose, consultant for festivals at NFDC. We checked how politically important the film was and the quality of conversation it would allow.Michaela Strobel, who runs the studio along with her husband Karan Talwar, says that although they were keen on hosting a film festival for a long time, the opportunity only presented itself with the NFDC’s Film Aaj-Kal Festival.

The film festival, hosted in association with NFDC (National Film Development Corporation), will screen films such as Mammo, Dharavi, Salaam Bombay, Gaman, the cult classic Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron and Raghu Romeo among others.After the screenings, each film also includes a question-answer session with the audiences.Spread over three weekends, one of the up-and-coming alternate performing spaces in the city, Harkat Studio, is attempting to revisit Hindi classics that have influenced three different generations of filmmakers. We would like to enable mainstream and indie films to co-exist. “The classic is juxtaposed with Taxi No 9211, which has tongue in cheek humour — so you see, a different filmmaking process,” she explains, adding that they have picked films by directors who have no just made indie films but have grown to contribute to conventional mainstream cinema as well — Sudhir Mishra, Mira Nair, among others.Nazhat Shaikh, director of finance at NFDC, elaborates on why the film body didn’t go for the quintessential theatre or multiplex. 75, JP Road, Aram Nagar Part 2, Versova, Andheri (W), Contact 9819682673. “With the growing influence of culture spaces, NFDC decided against hosting the fest in a multiplex, opting for a live performing space like ours instead.

But, at NFDC, we feel that it is in these interactive community sessions with like-minded people that one can get a deeper understanding and expand the audience base,” says Anupama, adding, “We want people to get together and discover new films, start conversations about existing good films and get to know the behind-the-scenes through the directors — this ensures a healthy to and fro of information, enabling people to really grow as an audience,” she concludes. “It is very easy aluminized PET film for sale to go to a multiplex, get some popcorn and watch a film. “While the films to be screened were decided by NFDC itself, there were certain pointers when picking the films. “At NFDC, the idea of development is not limited to developing talent only

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The brilliance of the writing can be delineated within the first fifteen

The two are not able to consummate their desires, until one day they find a ghastly way. It is not to titillate, exploit, or scare, but to explore fear rather than horror, and how it affects other people.” Although the film can glue you to your seat, inspire a walkout, make you give a standing ovation, or even China metalized Polyester film factory turn you into a vegetarian, Hazarika insists that Aamis is not about its horror element, but what fear can make one do. This unconventional, genre-defying film even made Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap claim that the movie is unlike anything that has come out of India. It’s a very interesting space to bring stories in.“We were very clear that we will pitch the film like a Karan Johar-love story that people have seen many times — an older woman falling in love with a younger man — and then suddenly slip in the horror element,” says Hazarika about the film, which forces its viewers to reconsider what they know about carnality.

Hazarika, whose Kothanodi had also garnered critical accolades, was able to make this transition from one genre to the other so fluid because of his meticulously crafted script. Hazarika quips: “I am hoping that people see the hints, and then get two tickets and watch the film again.When the National-Award winning filmmaker Bhaskar Hazarika was having dinner at a restaurant, his eyes met a sight that would serve as inspiration for his latest film Aamis (Ravening). Now that the film is getting a nation-wide release on November 22, this rom-com-meets-psychological horror has become a must-watch. Well, that’s what Hazarika would like his audience to believe before they take their seats in movie theatres, at least. My learning is that you can start with a love story and end with a horror story, as long as there is logic to it,” he laughs. Enamoured by a couple ravishing a plateful of meat, Hazarika decided to make a love story that blossoms over a fondness for non-vegetarian food.

The brilliance of the writing can be delineated within the first fifteen minutes of the movie.Premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, Aamis is, in essence, a love story that takes a macabre turn into all things sinister. “This movie was like research for your next projects — to see what works and what not works on the audience,” quips Hazarika, whose Assamese film made its Indian debut at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival last month. The filmmaker, who has studied the horror genre with an academic approach, concludes, “What gets me about the film is the notion of fear. Nirmali says: “Meat is not the problem, gluttony is,” and this dialogue begins to echo in your mind during the last scene. In the absence of Nirmali’s husband, she accompanies Sumon to various adventurous meals, and just like that, a slow-burn romance begins to simmer.

There are several other dialogues in the films that form a breadcrumb trail to the end of the film.In the film, Dr Nirmali Saikia (played by Lima Das) meets anthropology student Sumon Baruah (Arghadeep Baruah), who is researching meat-eating patterns in the North East. “Filmmaking is a lot about manipulation, especially of the audience’s expectations. But since Nirmali is not only a married-older woman but also a mother, this new exciting equation drifts into forbidden territory. Because unlike a situation where you are happy, it is in the situation where you are fearful for your life that your true character comes out.

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Historians are divided on whether Padmini actually existed

The special panel included Arvind Singh from Udaipur, Chandramani Singh and professor K K Singh of the Jaipur University.The board has also suggested modifications in disclaimers, pertinently adding one regarding not glorifying the practice of "Sati" and also relevant changes in the song Ghoomar to befit the character portrayed, he said.The films final 3D application was submitted on November 28, the CBFC said.Bhansali, who appeared before a parliamentary panel, had said his lavishly-mounted Rs 150 crore period drama, featuring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, is based on the 16th century epic poem Padmavat by Malik Muhammad Jayasi.He said that this was not the first instance that a special panel was appointed for the certification process as a similar practice was followed while China BOPP film certifying Jodhaa Akbar and Aarkashan.

As protests spread across various states, the films December 1 release was deferred as it didnt have censor clearance.He said that he will continue to protest against Padmavati in democratic manner. I am glad that following a balanced approach we resolved the task at hand in a pragmatic and positive manner," Joshi said on CBFCs decision to give the film a UA certificate.There were reports doing the rounds that the board had suggested 26 cuts to the film, but in a statement, Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chairman Prasoon Joshi clarified that they have only advised five modifications, including the title change, but "no cuts".Mumbai: The censor board has decided to give Sanjay Leela Bhansalis Padmavati a UA certificate without any cuts but has suggested that the director change the films title to Padmavat besides making four other modifications.

President of Rajput Sabha Giriraj Singh Lotwara said that it was unfortunate that the board wants to favour the film producers instead of considering recommendations of the panel that reviewed the film.Joshi added that the producers and the director of the film are "completely in agreement" with the proposed modifications.Besides Joshi, the meeting was also attended by regular examining committee members, along with other censor board officials.Reacting to the development, founder-patron of Rajput Karni Sena Lokendra Singh Kalvi said a lot of clarifications are yet to come on the issues and it will be too early to comment.The certificate as per the procedure will be issued once the required modifications are carried out and final material is submitted.

Considering the complexities and concerns around the film, the CBFC appointed a "special panel to add perspective to the final decision of the censor boards official committee".Joshi said, the filmmakers, Bhansali Productions, in a written communication to CBFC, had also requested that a panel of historians/academicians and members of the Rajput community view the film.He, however, said his stand is "very clear, which is known to everyone".

This was an unprecedented and tough situation.Historians are divided on whether Padmini actually existed.The board had a meeting of their examining committee on December 28 and decided to give the film a "UA certification along with some modifications and likely change of the films title on the basis the attributed material/creative source".The film got stuck in controversy after various Rajput groups alleged that it distorts history, a claim repeatedly denied by the director.

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